Set the Mission and create a clear path
to success in your organization.

CEO, here is the best way to know what your company is doing to achieve your vision.

MOKRs, (mōe-kers), it stands for Mission, Objectives & Key Results.

Mission: Your or your organization's purpose.
Objectives: Goals. It's what you want to accomplish.
Key Results: They tell you how you are going to get there.

Together they create:

  • a simple and powerful way for the CEO to keep on the pulse of the company.
  • an ability for employees to be aligned to the CEO's Mission for the company.
  • a real-time view as to what is going on and what needs the CEO's attention.

It starts with a Mission

You want your employees to work with laser precision. Every move thought out, planned and executed. Before they can do that, they need to be centered in their purpose. That's where a Mission comes in. With a Mission, your people know and understand their purpose in the organization.

MOKRs keeps that Mission at the front of their minds, assuring that they are focused on how their work will make your vision a reality.


With MOKRs, your Objectives and Key Results are not just project goals whose percentage of completeness is the most important metric.

Your company is working together to accomplish Objectives that will push your Mission forward.

The success of your Objectives relies on the success of those Objectives that are supporting you.

With MOKRs, you can see in real-time the status of all Objectives and Key Results. See where possible problems are being handled and where employees successes are being blocked.

With a glance you can know how things are moving in your organization and what needs your attention.

Interested in MOKRs? We are looking for companies who are looking to implement OKRs in their organization to use MOKRs beta 1.

Contact us and let us know more about your company and your interest in MOKRs.